The Otter Diaries


The Otter Diaries


The Otter sets out on the adventure of a lifetime.
Join him as he tries to make a movie and meet his soul mate.

The Otter is a pretty cool guy.  His “phy” or philosophy of life is:
●    Peace on earth.
●    Take care of the planet (caretakers striving for a return to the pristine).
●    Helath (care for all).
●    Truth in everything we do.

The Otter was a PGS golf professional for over 20 years and loved to hike, fish, write, and create movies.

The Otter was single all his life, and constantly searched for his “soul mate.”

Sadly, our good friend The Otter passed away while hiking the CDT in 2015.  
He was a good friend.  We miss him dearly.

Although The Otter is gone, his spirit lives on.  Read his words.  
You’ll hear his passion for life. 

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