Bear Vault

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BV500 + 450.jpg

Bear Vault

from 73.95

Bear canisters are required for hikers in the Sierra.

Northbound PCT hikers pick up their bear canister in Kennedy Meadows, northbound mile 702.2.

Purchase your bear canister from Yogi’s Books/Triple Crown Outfitters. Instead of shipping it to you, we will hold it for you at Triple Crown Outfitters, our new gear shop in Kennedy Meadows. You pick up your canister when you arrive in Kennedy Meadows. This saves you the postage cost of shipping it to you at your home, plus the postage cost of shipping it to yourself on the trail in Kennedy Meadows. Depending upon where you live, that’s potentially a $30 savings.

Pre-ordering guarantees that you will have a canister for the Sierra. In 2018, Kennedy Meadows had around 75 hikers arriving daily during the height of northbound PCT season. The majority of 2018 hikers pre-ordered their canister from Yogi’s Books/Triple Crown Outfitters.

● Grizzly & Black Bear Approved!

● Lighter for backpacking when every ounce counts.

● Larger capacity for the space you need!

● Extra wide, rain proof opening provides full access for loading, unloading, and finding items!

● Innovative patented design so you can open and close the lid without tools.

● Super rugged transparent polycarbonate housing resists impacts without shattering.

● Built in guides keep tie down straps in place so extra carrying case is not needed to attach to backpack!

BV 500 $83.95

2 lbs 9 oz

7 day capacity

Interior volume: 700 cubic inches (11.5 ltr)

Dimensions: 8.7 in dia (22.1cm) x 12.7 in (32.3cm)

BV 450 $73.95

2 lbs 1 oz

4 day capacity

Interior volume: 440 cubic inches (7.2 ltr)

Dimensions: 8.7 in dia (22.1cm) x 8.3 in (21.1cm)

Reminder: Your Bear Vault will be waiting for you in Kennedy Meadows at Triple Crown Outfitters. It will not be shipped to you. Use this shipping address: Triple Crown Outfitters, Kennedy Meadows CA 93527. Note: We do not accept mail drops.

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