Bandana PCT 2019


Bandana PCT 2019


PCT Bandana

Pacific Crest Trail Class Bandanas have been a PCT tradition since 2003. 100% cotton custom-printed bandanas change from year to year and are gifted to thru-hikers. The number of free bandanas gifted to this year’s hikers will be solely determined by bandana sales, pre-sales, and donations. Get this year’s edition before they sell out.

To purchase a bandana, scroll down.

If you would like to donate a bit more to the bandana project so that all 2019 hikers can receive a free bandana, click here.

History of the PCT Bandana

Linda Jeffers (Gottago), John Brennan (Cupcake), and Jackie McDonnell (Yogi) met during their 2002 Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) thru-hike. After the hike, Gottago reflected on all the kindness she received from strangers along the way. Linda wanted to pay back that kindness by paying forward to future hikers. Linda’s vision was to create a memento which hikers would use and cherish.

Gottago contacted Cupcake and Yogi, and the team was created! Very quickly, they realized that an at-a-glance PCT mileage resource would be essential, then quickly after they realized that putting the current years’ data on a bandana would be useful, handy, and a great relic to hikers: Data, Function, and Funk!

The three trail friends got to work: Yogi provided the data, Cupcake created the design, and Gottago funded the bandanas. It worked! The PCT Class of 2003 got the first edition of PCT Class Bandanas. The tradition continued for 16 years!

The bandanas quickly became a rite of passage as well as a valuable tool for PCT thru-hikers. Unexpectedly, the trio discovered that other people wanted the bandanas too. So, they began selling them. These sales began to offset the cost of the bandanas.

This year, we are going with a different funding model to continue the tradition: the number of free bandanas gifted to this year’s hikers will be solely determined by bandana sales, pre-sales, and donations.

So, by purchasing a bandana or two for the listed price (or higher!), you will contribute to the tradition.

Class Bandanas are available for sale on a pre-order basis. Each paid Class Bandana will help cover the cost of a gifted bandana for a random 2019 PCT hiker (northbounders will dance for their bandana gift at the Andersons, southbounders will pick up their bandana gift at the Dinsmores).

If you want to be sure you get a bandana, we recommend you pre-order one.

This is a pre-order item. Bandana pre-orders will probably ship in early April. All bandana sales are final. No returns.

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