Bandana PCT 2018

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Bandana PCT 2018


All bandana sales are final.  No returns.

There is a really cool story behind the creation of the PCT Class Bandanas.  Scroll down to read!

2018 bandana sales have a strict limit of ONE BANDANA per person.  

IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN ONE, the cost of the additional bandanas will be refunded, and you will only receive one.

Non-USA addresses:  The USPS increased postage rates in January.  It costs more to ship a bandana to a non-USA address than the cost of the actual bandana.  We have no control over postage rates.

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Gottago, Cupcake, and Yogi met while hiking the PCT in 2002. When the 2003 hiking season rolled around, Gottago wanted to give a gift to the current year thru-hikers. She didn’t want it to be something that would get mailed home. The gift had to be lightweight, useful, and memorable. Gottago thought a bandana would be the perfect thru-hiking gift/souvenir! Gottago created the concept, Yogi supplies the data, and Cupcake designs the artwork.

Representing the PCT Class of 2002, Gottago, Cupcake, and Yogi gift bandanas to current year hikers. 

NORTHBOUND THRU-HIKERS:  Joe and Terrie Anderson (Casa de Luna Trail Angels at mile 478) graciously distribute the gifted bandanas to northbound thru-hikers WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (yes, we usually run out).

How do you get your bandana at Casa de Luna? Well, you do a little dance! Each evening Terrie will play some tunes, then hikers display their best dance moves. Is the dance optional? Um, no. Let loose! It’s a lot of fun, and you just might be live on Facebook!

SOUTHBOUND THRU-HIKERS:  Jerry Dinsmore and family (Dinsmore’s Hiker Haven Trail Angels at mile 2461) graciously distribute the gifted bandanas to southbound thru-hikers WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (yes, we usually run out).

If you want to be SURE to get a bandana, or if you’re a southbound thru-hiker not stopping at the Dinsmore’s, or if you a northbound thru-hiker not stopping at Casa de Luna (something you will regret later! hee hee!), or if you are a party pooper who won’t dance, then you may purchase a bandana or two.  Proceeds from bandana sales are forwarded to Gottago to help cover the cost of the gifted bandanas (in other words, proceeds do not stay with Yogi’s Books).

2018 is the 16th year of the Class Bandanas, and they have always been funded by Gottago. Yes, you read that right, Gottago pays for the bandanas! Gifting the bandanas is Gottago’s way of paying forward all the kindness she experienced during her 2002 PCT hike. 16 years of paying it forward. Hooray for Gottago!

What can the Class of 2018 do for future PCT’ers?