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CDT Handbook

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Yogi's Continental Divide Trail Handbook   © February 2019

Ah, yes..........The Continental Divide Trail. Take every hike you’ve ever done, mix those experiences up, make everything bigger and better, and you’ve got a Continental Divide Trail hike. Seriously, it’s the most rewarding hike you’ll experience.

“Yogi’s Continental Divide Trail Handbook” guides the experienced hiker through planning a CDT thru-hike. Like the PCT Handbook, the CDT Handbook has two distinct sections: a section for planning, and a section for on the trail. The main difference for the CDT book is that the on-trail section is strictly a Town Guide. The nature of the CDT does not allow for all the little trail-specific information like you saw in the PCT book. No two hikers walk the same CDT, so trail tips would not apply.  The CDT book is paginated in southbound order, yet simple to use for a northbound hike.

In keeping with the conversational approach of the PCT book, the CDT book is presented with a little help from my friends. Several CDT hikers contributed their thoughts to both the Planning and Town Guide sections of the book. Different opinions on many topics are presented by several Triple Crown hikers. 

There are two sections to the Handbook
The Planning Guide section (170 pages) is a collection of tips from previous thru-hikers on a variety of hiking topics: Comparisons PCT vs CDT, Wildlife, Trail Community, Route Choices, Transportation, Maps and Apps, Permits and Identification, Navigation, Gear Choices, Clothing and Footwear, Desert Hiking Advice, Snow Hiking Advice, Trail Town Information, Advice on Trail Food, Mail Drops and Resupply. 

The Town Guide section (222 pages) has detailed information for trail towns and resorts including:  ● Distance between resupply locations ● Ley Map, Bear Creek Map, and CDTC Map location for each town/resort ● How to get to/from each town/resort ● Town Maps ● Maildrop Information ● Exactly what each town/resort has for resupply, lodging, restaurants, ATM, phone, internet, fuel, shower, etc.

Enjoy your hike on the Divide! As my buddy d-low says, Embrace the Brutality!


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