CDT Embrace The Brutality Bandana

Sample CDT Orange bandana for Amazon.jpg
Sample CDT Orange bandana for Amazon.jpg

CDT Embrace The Brutality Bandana


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You’ve gotta wear something bright orange during hunting season. 
The CDT “Embrace The Brutality” bright orange bandana covers you! 
It’s a souvenir. It’s a bandana. It looks cool on your head.  

Well, the Continental Divide Trail is brutal.

Brutally steep.
Brutally flat.
Brutally beautiful.
Brutally inspiring.
Brutally endless.
Brutally mentally tough.
Brutally physically tough.
Brutally hot.
Brutally cold.

Every day is extreme in a different way. 
But isn't that why we do this? 
Isn't that why we challenge ourselves with this hike? 
Isn't that what sets us apart from the rest of society? 
On the CDT, we EMBRACE these challenges. 
We make them our own. 
They define us. 

Be sure to check out the product details for the Bandana Set and CDT Package!!  You'll catch a price break when ordering as a Package or Set.

Bandanas are 22" x 22", 100% cotton.

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