Colorado Trail Laminated Resupply List

Colorado List 2015.jpg
Colorado List 2015.jpg

Colorado Trail Laminated Resupply List


We are a print-on-demand company.  All sales are final.  No returns.

Pertinent Colorado Trail resupply data has been simplified!

Never be without town information again!! 

Do you want to have the addresses and phone numbers of trail town Post Offices, resupply stores, motels, and outfitters handy? Check out the Laminated List of Colorado Trail Resupply Spots!!! 

This consolidated list is two laminated sheets, printed front and back, approximately 3.5 inches by 7.75 inches each. Total weight 0.3 ounce. The list is printed on bright red paper, then laminated. No more digging into your pack for your data bag, since this laminated list can be safely packed in an easy-to-reach outside pack pocket. You’ll always be able to find it (brightly colored!), and no worries about your data getting wet (laminated!).

Just imagine how simple things would be if you had this information for the WHOLE TRAIL, small and laminated, in an easy-to-reach pocket of your pack!

Following is a sample of the information you’ll find on your Laminated List. Of course, the list will cover the entire trail! 

26.9 - Buffalo Creek - 3.2 mile hitch on Road 126. 
Post Office (80425) and Green’s Store are the same. 
Send your package General Delivery, but you can pick it up 
any time the store is open: M-Sat 8a-noon and 1p-6p. Sun noon-4p.

26.9 - Pine - 12.5 mile hitch on Road 126.
Post Office (80470): 303-838-5715. M-F 8a-5p. Sat 8a-noon.
C-Store: Pine Junction Country Store. 303-838-4623. 

40.5 - Bailey - 8 mile hitch on Road 560, then Road 68.
Post Office (80421): 303-838-2084 M-F 8a-5p. Sat 8a-noon.
C-Store: Conoco 303-838-5170
Bailey Lodge 303-838-2450

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