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Halfmile Printing Service


Maps are a print-on-demand service.  All map sales are final.  Maps are printed immediately after the order is received.  No order cancellations.  No returns.

We have concluded printing for Halfmile's 2017 maps. 

There are a few sections available (see below).  Full set printing will resume after Halfmile releases the 2018 set, which typically occurs in January each year.

We offer printing services only.   Halfmile creates the maps.  If you have questions regarding the maps, see Halfmile's site www.pctmap.net.   We always print the most up-to-date Halfmile maps, current edition was completed on December 1, 2016.   This includes all of Halfmile’s “Hiker Maps” plus the Powerhouse Fire and Mountain Fire maps.


International hikers:  Postage to non-USA addresses is very expensive.  
You're probably staying with the San Diego Trail Angels: 

(1) Bob Riess:  robert (dot) riess (at) cox (dot) net
(2) Barney and Sandy Mann:  sandiegopct (at) gmail (dot) com

Contact your host first, get their shipping address, and then order your maps to be sent to your name c/o their address instead of shipping them to your home.

Hiking the PCT requires good maps, and Halfmile has produced those maps free for the PCT community! 

The companion map set for Yogi's PCT Handbook is Halfmile’s Pacific Crest Trail maps.  Halfmile's maps are the most current and accurate Pacific Crest Trail maps available. Halfmile’s maps are widely used by thru-hikers and section-hikers. Halfmile has spent many months with a GPS logging the trail and marking PCT landmarks on hikes from 2007-2014.

At Yogi's Books, we insert blank pages where they make sense, so the hiker can easily separate the mapset into logical subsets for maildrops.  The result is a 476-page map set (238 pieces of paper, printed on both sides), complete with elevation profiles. Halfmile's maps cover the entire "official" PCT, plus many alternates.

Halfmile makes the maps available for free; the cost of the map set purchased through Yogi’s Books covers printing services only, not the creation of the maps. 

Halfmile has decided to stop accepting monetary donations from hikers, but it would make Halfmile really happy if you made a donation to the Pacific Crest Trail Association. He knows most of you are already PCTA members, so just send them a little something extra and tell them Halfmile sent you. You can use this handy donation page.


Maps are printed full color on both sides 8.5" x 11", premium 28 lb bond weight paper

$18  Southern California:  Campo to Warner Springs
$18  Central California:  Walker Pass to Donner Summit
$18  Northern California:  Donner Summit to Ashland
$18  Oregon:  Ashland to Cascade Locks
$18  Washington:  Cascade Locks to Manning Park

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