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Ley Maps



Maps are a print-on-demand service.  All map sales are final.  Maps are printed immediately after the order is received.  No order cancellations.  No returns.

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Jonathan Ley makes his maps available for free; the cost of the map set purchased through Yogi’s Books covers printing services only, not the creation of the maps. 

Jonathan Ley revolutionized CDT hiking when he made his hiker-specific maps available to the CDT community.  Keeping in line with the “choose your own route” aspect of hiking the Divide, Ley’s maps show many different routes along the CDT corridor.  Ley’s main route is shown as a red line, and alternates are shown in purple.  In addition, Ley’s maps have notes regarding water sources, cool alternates, and confusing trail junctions.  These notes come from hikers just like you who sent their notes to Ley at the end of their hikes.  

Jonathan has spent literally hundreds of hours working on his maps.  Although he makes his maps available for free, Jonathan would appreciate a donation to help cover his expenses and encourage him to continue to create his maps every year.  Think about how important it is to stay “found” on the CDT, then use this handy link to send Jonathan a PayPal donation for his excellent maps.  Jonathan's PayPal account is jonathan@phlumf.com.  If you prefer to send a check, simply email Jonathan (jonathan@phlumf.com), and he’ll send you his snail mail address.

Maps are 11" x 17" printed on both sides, on 28-pound bond paper.

This product is printing service of Ley's 2016 Wyoming maps, including the overview maps.


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